About Us


Kampala, the capital of Uganda is among the fastest growing metros in East and Central Africa. This has been measured at a GDP growth rate of approximately 7% and has resulted in a steadily increasing consumer driven market, a magnitude of people demanding premium offerings from various industry segments including premium residential and commercial properties ranking among those with the highest demand. Hence, the launch of Kampala’s premium shopping and leisure destination in the upmarket environs of Kololo; The Acacia Mall.

A quality development in every aspect, Acacia Mall (35,000 sq.m’s) encompasses lifestyle and value with a vibrant mix of home, fashion, fitness, food, service, leisure and entertainment offerings, and will render the shopper spoilt for choice. This splendid property with a spread of more than 35,000 sq metres offering mass and upmarket merchandise to shoppers, fun, food, fashion and films will easily be the shoppers’ stop of choice in Kampala. The Acacia Mall is developed to Uganda by Gulfstream Investments (Uganda) Limited.

Gulfstream Investments (Uganda) Limited is a successful Ugandan realty company incepted in the last quarter of the year 1992. Over the years, Gulfstream Investments (Uganda) Limited has become a prominent owner and developer of residential and commercial properties.

Reflecting their success over the last two decades, Gulfstream Investments (Uganda) Limited is now embarking on a premium shopping mall in the prime residential / commercial upmarket environment of Kololo in Kampala. Committed to setting hallmark standards in the East and Central African Retail Industry, The Acacia Mall’s success will be driven by its unique position as a true one-stop shopping and leisure destination catering to the aspirations of each shopper. the new generation Ugandan population.

Driven by its core values, Gulfstream Investments (Uganda) Limited is committed to delivering the best shopping experience comparable with the finest in the region, adopting exquisite aesthetic design, bright and open lavish spaces, signature retail outlets, functional commercial and multi use spaces, elaborate groceries, amusement areas, convenience foods and fine dining, all focused at giving our shoppers a truly enjoyable and memorable shopping experience aimed only at customer delight. Our objective is to make shopping fun, comfortable, and convenient. The vision is to create an environment to enhance the quality of life for our customers.

With the commissioning of The Acacia Mall, Gulfstream Investments (Uganda) Limited will set a benchmark in the regional retail landscape encompassing a world-class retail and entertainment complex with the most stylish brands on offer in a plush and elegant ambience.

The Acacia Mall is managed by Knight Frank Uganda.